A Little About The Asian Wedding Photographer...

From as early as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to create art using the things around us, capturing moments as they happen and preserving it in time. Being a visual artist, I can express emotions and memories using my unique visual style and there's no better subject material to express beauty than couples, and the idea of love. I love creating natural, contemporary and chic images which are honest, true and traditional at the same time

I picked up my inspiration and passion for Asian wedding photography whilst working with well renowned companies in the wedding industry 'ASIANWOMAN MAGAZINE' and 'ASIANBRIDE'. This helped me learn what couples desire and how I can give them the perfect Asian wedding photography experience of tremendous joy and emotions through my vision of their love story

As an Asian Female, I understand the traditions involved in Asian weddings, and how important it is to maintain traditions. I understand that it's not only about the couple, but the whole family behind the wedding. I have a strong perspective of what people want to see in their pictures, as I understand what I would want on my big day which makes it a lot easier to visualise and put together. I am able to work with the couple to get what they truly want for their special day as It's the most important day in a couple's life, so I work on making it memorable and unique, but also fun. When a couple are relaxed and have a great time, it means that the photos will turn out to be truly phenomenal and we can capture those details and emotions perfectly.

Our initial consultation will be a chance for you to tell me what you require, and how we can make that happen. I'll look at ways we can get exactly what you're looking for, and begin planning with you the details and the timeline that suits you best. By doing this ahead of time, we can ease the stress of the big day, allowing you to focus on other rituals throughout the day. Safe in the knowledge that the photographer knows what to do and has a plan in place you helped create.

We're based in London but we also cater for our clients worldwide. Wherever you're having your destination wedding, we aim to meet all expectations and keep you in the loop of every step and decision we have discussed. We have a client base in Europe, India and Dubai but we can travel to also capture your engagement sessions across the world. This isn't just a job to us; this is our passion and love. We're here to make sure that your special day will be remembered for a lifetime, with every moment captured and celebrated, those intricate details of each ritual and ceremony and the tears and laughter’s to piece together a beautiful story timelessly in a classy and traditional way.

I work tirelessly with our clients, working hard to exceed their expectations and create a truly magical experience.

I really look forward to hearing from you, and helping you create unforgettable memories infused with personality portraying your love story how it should be told, with beautiful imagery to keep forever...

Renu Anu Bagga

Aurelio Photography


'Is a mosaic you build with your spouse.

Millions of tiny moments that create your love story'